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About II Genesis

This program is geared for students to raise their awareness of their world through the use of the latest classroom technology, while requiring diligence from the students, parents and academic institutions. The dedication required by all will make this a successful pilot program for our community. This program is held three evenings weekly for scholars and two evenings for the leadership students. It challenges students to exemplify their best skills in learning, leadership and critical thinking. They are instructed in the classroom by qualified professionals, ready to take them to the next level in their development.



 Scholars do not have a clear objective to excel beyond their local school system requirements. Quite often, these requirements do not prepare them for the rigorous curriculums of the top colleges and universities in this country and abroad. 

They are excluded from selection by these elite schools due to their lack of proper preparation in most cases. We want to give them that option by implementing the following: 

Form a partnership with principals in the senior high schools to get access to their top 10% of students per grade, who fit the scholars criteria.

Conduct a screening process for the students and their parents utilizing the educators and director

Plan an orientation for the students and parents to answer all questions and clearly define the standards and requirements

Provide the latest technology to advance our students 

Meet three days a week for three hours, instructing students in math, English and the sciences

Instruct in the first year the 9th, 10th and 11th graders,  adding the 12th graders in the second year 

Enlist college level instructors who can inspire the students to have a college mentality



II Genesis was birthed out of a concern for higher achievers in our local public school system. These are young people who are often at the top of their class, but rarely are they pushed to achieve their ultimate potential. This program, with your help, can be a model for our state to compete on national levels through academics and leadership. With your support, we will challenge these young people to be the best and brightest this country has to offer.

Dock S. Cooper, III



We need your help with funding our program. For more information regarding the II Genesis Program or to learn more about how you can be a part of  impacting your community, please contact us.