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 To achieve accreditation for college-level courses

To develop scholars and leaders who go on to achieve top status in the top 5% of schools in the nation and abroad

To help produce the Rhodes Scholars of this new generation

To form a relationship with a foreign exchange where our students get opportunities to learn from top international educators

To put into operation within 3 to 5 years, 2 satellite programs for II Genesis in the state of Mississippi


A Strong Volunteer Team for Each Segment of the Program to Increase Functionality

Coordinator for all Volunteer groups ensures cohesive and clear objectives for all participants

Programs need a strong force of 25 volunteers for support objectives

Programs seeking help from surrounding colleges and universities for college freshman and sophomores to work with II Genesis to accumulate their community service hours

Flexible times and dates for the volunteers

Volunteer with Scholars, Leaders, Leadership Initiative, or Crossroads --- become a mentor, after school tutor, English as a second language, GED, and sports events. Sports events include scoreboard, referee, concessions, hall monitors, cashiers, clean-up, and event coordinators.